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Membership is open to Kashmiri Americans related to Healthcare.

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KASHMER is registered as a Non-Profit with the State of New York and designated as 501 (c) 3 organization by IRS.

Our organization is focussed on lending support to healthcare needs of the underserved population irrespective of caste, religious beliefs, color, ethnicity or geographic location.

Our initial initiatives are targetted towards the healthcare needs of the underserved population in Kashmir due to the wishes of our members. Healthcare sector in Kashmir has been in shambles for last three decades due to the unstable political situation.

Healthcare needs in Kashmir are humongous. Kashmer is a very small and very young organization to be able to fix the healthcare infrastructure deficiencies in Kashmir. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option though. You can help us tackle this challenge one day at a time by contributing to our campaigns.

Emergency Medical Response Services EMRS Project

mergency medical services are an integration of hospital-based emergency service and pre-hospital emergency care. Emergency medical response services (EMRS) primarily comprise pre-hospital emergency care. The integration of these two systems delivers quality and timely medical care that is known to save lives and decrease mortality and morbidity.

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HEALTHY MINDS: A comprehensive mental health project providing quality psychological counseling, social interventions, substance abuse management and de-addiction in Kashmir Valley.

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